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2014 Acura TSX Ground Clearance

Check the 2014 Acura TSX ground clearance for all the 3 trim levels

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2014 Acura TSX Trims

2.4 4dr Sedan

Ground clearance - no data

This is the distance from ground level to the lowest located element of the car construction, excluding the wheels.

Exterior length - 185.6 in

This is a parameter that describes the size of the car from the front-most point to the rear-most point. Usually, the front and rear bumpers are used as reference points, respectively.

Exterior body width - 72.4 in

It is the same for all trims.

This is a value that describes the size of the car from one center pillar to the other.

Exterior height - 56.7 in

This is the size of the vehicle, measured from the surface of the ground to the highest point of the roof (not including the roof rails).

Wheelbase - 106.5 in

It is the same for all trims.

This is the distance between the centers of the front and rear axles of the car.

Turning radius - 18.3 in

This value describes the radius of the half-circle that the car makes when turning 180 degrees from a place.

Maximum cargo capacity - no data

This parameter describes the amount of luggage that can be placed in the cargo area of the car.

3.5 w/Technology Package 4dr Sedan

2.4 4dr Sport Wagon

How much ground clearance does your 2014 Acura TSX have?

Whenever people obtain a automobile, the producer has devoted time along with attempts making it for your distinct wants. These experts identify what type of operating a vehicle habitat you may operate in thus they can manufacture just the felicitous vehicle to match that outlook on life. Plus applying to the vehicle's target, they catch on its ground clearance virtue. What's with respect to your 2014 Acura TSX?

When it comes to those motorists who hunger for a faster automobile, designers formulate its profile tires as well as suspension smaller. Definitely, it drops off the ground clearance though supercharges quickness. And contrariwise, those car lovers who crave to heighten the ground clearance attempt to bargain for heavier tires or hike up suspension on their 2014 Acura TSX This adjustment will be worthwhile for people who stay in urban areas with heavy snowdrifts or downpours. Recollect, that all the improvements and attain them just following dialog with practitioners.

In the main, an typical ground clearance of a vehicle varies within four-six ins intended for sedans and six-eight inches regarding SUVs. A large number of auto owners make aftermarket trimming back orientations as it makes the 2014 Acura TSX seem more militant and droops the center of mass. Some individuals, who form it taller, usually consider the weather of the locality along with their riding practice.

So as to quantify the ride elevation of your respective 2014 Acura TSX, you have to pull off a number of foresights. Check out the auto comes about disburden and doesn't come with any type of excess load. Your petrol cistern need to additionally be just half-filled. When it has been done, take a tape and check the lapse between the lowest department of the car (its bottom part) and the ground. An automobilist might compute the ground clearance hitting the road with the auto's bumper or perhaps pliant screen, nonetheless the digits might inflect in this instance. On the assumption that all these tips are very difficult for you, simply take advantage of our company's tables with 2014 Acura TSX ground clearance specifics.


How much ground clearance do I need: for Acura TSX 8.5 inches or above should be enough for off-road trips.

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